Saturday, June 23, 2007

Why Didn't I Think of This? Inexpensive and Kinda Cool...

An idea whose time has come!

Managing your practice from home DOES have its' perks: You can save tons on gas, clothing, and bridge tolls, and the fridge is always only a few steps away.

And then there is the quiet...ah yes.. Unless you are like me and have a rambunctious kindergartner, the house can be such a very quiet place in which to work. That has to be a big plus, right?

Not necessarily. Study after study shows that working at home, especially during the peaceful morning hours when the rest of the world is doing the commuter shuffle, can be much less productive than work in a traditional cubicle.

One fun way I just found (and I love this idea!) is creating a "faux office" environment, sans the cranky sales VP or compliance guy, of course.

California entrepreneur Bill Freund has done just that with his THRIVING OFFICE cd. At first I thought this was a joke CD. Turns out, however, that Freund is on to something.

Thriving Office creates the illusion of a busy, dynamic, professional office and has all the background noises a person would expect to hear when they call such an office.

Prospects and clients hear the sounds of success when they call you. I also think it benefits the advisor or agent by creating that energy and buzz often missing when you operate from the spare bedroom.

Even if you don't work from home this CD can help turn your small, quiet outside office into a hub of hustle and bustle, creating a sense of urgency for people who call in.

THRIVING OFFICE has been reviewed by many major publications such the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and the San Francisco Chronicle. The CTO of Microsoft Partners Group (UK) calls it "essential, genius."

Check it out at: If you order by JULY 15 and enter the code" FAN" when you check out, you will get a 15% discount.

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