Saturday, June 16, 2007

"We Have the Glengarry Leads..." Lead Systems In Review

If you have never seen Glen Gary Glen Ross with Alec Baldwin, you are missing out on one of the best commission sales movies ever made. I don't usually like Alec, but he really nails the stereotypical sales manager muckey-muck in this classic scene. Look in "Tam's Picks" for link.

While we are on the subject of those pesky old LEADS here are some reviews and comments from your fellow advisors about lead systems they have used.


MT in Mass. says: "Javelin leads were an absolute waste of time and money. They were nothing but the old stuff that NF Communications used to push."

(and here again are some of the previous ones found on my other blog)

"Totally worthless. I can't even get a single person on the phone and no one has responded to the emails." AH- San Diego

"I did everything exactly as they told me to and got NOTHING." PH-San Diego

"I could have gotten better results just dialing out of the white pages. Maybe I will and save myself $18 bucks a lead!" -BS- Texas

"I am telling all my agents to cancel. " FMO President, Texas

"I got a huge bunch of leads dumped on me and I need to know how to make them stop. I got nearly a thousand dollars worth at once, even though I did not change my radius or anything!"

RE: Cold Solutions

Cold Solutions Was just that COLD!!!!!!!! A WASTE of time & Money...DS

DH, from Pennsylvania writes:

PT Marketing

I have been in the industry for 39 years and plan to retire in 1 more.

I had the unfortunate experience of using PT Marketing, from Pittsburgh, for almost 2 years and they did not provide what they had offered. They offered meetings with motivated company owners who were interested in Exit Planning. The owners many times were not qualified or did not have any interest. My partner and I spent enough to buy a Corvette and ended up with 6 good appointments. This is not a good use of promotional dollars.

I still believe the best business model is to have some regular income from group or payroll deduction and some attorney or accountant refierral sources. I have been very successful getting the referral sources by offering to be their free resource to evaluate life and annuity policies without expecting to be given the clients name. After a testing period the names are given and because they realize the service is valuable they start to suggest some cliients call you. It is a very pleasant way to operate.


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Jim Sowell said...

If you consider using Ashton-Danbury leads, in a word, DON"T. Poor service, no feedback, and worst of all, no appointments. Very unprofessional. JS-Virginia