Sunday, October 14, 2007

OK- I Am Hooked!

by Tammy de Leeuw
Financial Advisor NetZone

Thanks to Lori for this post. I checked out ZEN RABBIT and the stuff is very cool. Can't wait to try the cookies.

Lori Saitz said...

These are all great ideas for client and referral source appreciation. If I may, I'd like to introduce you to one more because I have clients in the insurance and financial services industries who find great success with it. It's customzied gift packages from Zen Rabbit. Check them out at
Keep up the good work here!

I get great feedback from my dear readers, but no one seems to want to share with the group. Got anymore ideas about holiday and end-of-year THANK YOU's for clients? Post them here or email

SID WALKER's preview of his sales performance training last week was a great success and I have been hearing from people who attended.

In an email Sid says:
We got lots of great feedback from the people who were on the
call yesterday. Several people said they made sales right after the
call using the new language! Good work! Thanks for your interest
and comments.

For those of you who could not make the call yesterday, there is a
REPLAY available. Just go to and
you can listen to the teleseminar on your computer. I will leave it
up for a couple of weeks.

If you are interested in learning more about the Selling Without Wrestling
4-Module Teleseminar Training
starting November 5, 2007,
go t

We already have almost 100 people in this training, I expect
we will have another 100 by November 5th. So I hope you
will join us and be part of my first
Selling Without Wrestling
Teleseminar Training.

I will be doing another Preview Teleseminar for the upcoming
November Training on 10/25 at 12PM PT, 3PM ET. Watch
your email for the next announcement and if you liked what
you heard, help me spread the word!

If you have questions, please call 866-674-9479 or send emails

(don't forget to mention the FAN Blog for discounts)
The code is:

Also, here is the code for 15% off enrollment in Selling Without Wrestling:
314678. Write this in at the top of the last page when they pay. They can
also submit an enrollment form via fax or email. Tell them to put the code on
there as well.

This code is only for the Selling Without Wrestling 4 Module Teleseminar Series.

Thanks again to all who attended and I hope even more will go to the next session.


The Wall Street Journal reminds us that the deadline for making direct gifts from your IRA to a charity is fast approaching:

October 13, 2007; Page B2

... you can't transfer funds from an individual retirement account directly into a charitable-gift annuity, says Natalie Choate, a tax attorney with Bingham McCutchen LLP in Boston.

What you can do -- for a limited time only -- is make direct gifts from your IRA to a charity. If you are at least 70½ years old, you can donate as much as $100,000 in IRA assets this year to tax-qualified charities, thanks to a provision of the Pension Protection Act of 2006. But the provision expires Dec. 31, so you would have to take action soon. Such a transfer could count toward your required minimum distribution as well... (rest of story at:


Could be the fallout from articles such as this one in The Money Times. Yes, I know that many of you are not involved in equity indexed annuity sales, but the "anti-seminar" mindset tends to attach itself to ANY kind of free-meal event, even client appreciation dinners. People are starting to view all seminars as cons. Be sure you are offering all your prospects real value BEFORE they become clients and that your seminars never degrade into sales pitches.

If you've ever heard of equity-indexed annuities (EIAs), there's a good chance you did so from your mom or dad. And there's a good chance they learned about them at a "free seminar." I know that that's how I first heard about them. My dad enjoyed the free meal and the sales pitch (er ... seminar), but told me he was skeptical about the EIA he was being pitched. He understood that this particular EIA would put a cap on his potential gains. Well, it turns out dad may have been more right than he realized.

At, one blogger offered a similar take on his dad's experience with an EIA pitch. He made a particularly good point: While EIAs are often compared to the S&P 500, with sellers concluding that the EIAs are the better choice, that doesn't seem right. An EIA will often feature gains capped at a certain level, along with the benefit of never losing any money: If the market tanks in a given year, your loss is zero.

The EIA that the blogger used as his example capped investors' gains...

Startup Looking For Effective Representatives

A startup insurance product marketing company based in Massachusetts is looking for a few good reps. You must have a solid sales track record, be goal-oriented, client-centric and be willing try new ways to meet clients and make presentations. They will get the people for you- you have to be diligent in capitalizing on the opportunities.

I will post a link for the hiring packet. In the meantime, request information at :


Cost is $30.00 and is payable by the 26th to ensure your place. Thanks to all who have already registered. I actually had a person cancel because the cost is "too high." All I can say is "don't cheap yourself into the poorhouse." I have found from my past experience with that "marketer who shall remain nameless" that if you don't charge at least a small fee for something, people don't value it . There is a human tendency to equate FREE with either "worthless" or "sales pitch." Max's presentation will be neither so I feel a small fee is in order.

FAN will sponsor, from time to time, free webinars, but the majority of upcoming events will have a nominal fee. Do without that latte and invest in your business.


Download the brochure at:

Call Bob Tonochio at 866-204-3631.

Have a great day. Till next time,


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