Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ten Ways to Show You Are Thankful for Your Clients

Tina Dixon of Seminar Direct reminds us of this simple, but often forgotten concept: "If we don't make our clients feel appreciated and looked-after, someone else is waiting to fill the void."

Tina and the Seminar Direct team have put together a great seasonal offering that shows your clients and prospects you respect and care for them. Get the specs by calling her at 888-629-1919. Tell them you read about it here for special pricing.

by Tammy de Leeuw

Financial Advisor Netzone

Our local mall has started already...

Yep, the chairs have been moved, and a space has been cleared for Jolly Old What's His Name and assorted reindeer. Nevermind the springlike outdoor conditions and the fact that the city pool is still open- BRING ON THE SHOPPING SEASON.

For many of you, this is a slow time for your practice; a time to sit and think about marketing efforts for the coming year, perhaps for looking at ways to "right size" your database, considering making a switch to registered independent advisor status, or planning next year's seminars.

You might also want to consider the 20% of your clients who generate 80% of your money and do something to ensure that those clients remain loyal. Below are some ways you can say THANKS to your clients in a professional, yet warm way without spending all of your marketing budget.

1. Seasonal direct mailings. I like Seminar Direct's seasonal offerings. They can scan in signatures of you and all your staff and mail out for you when you supply the mailing list. Or if you want, you can send them out yourself.

They also do invitations for "thank you dinners" (see idea #2) which are high-end, professional invitations that get noticed by clients. FAN blog readers get special deals but only when they call Tina directly at: 888-629-1919.

2. Client appreciation dinners: An advisor in Boston I know who does this gets lots of response and has a much better time than at regular seminars. "I invite the client and tell them they can invite ANY other person of their choice to attend. Since some of my clients are widows or widowers or have spouses who are unable to attend, this has been a great way to both ensure attendance AND get referred to new people. I LOVE these events!" he told me.

3. Enroll your top-tier and new clients with DOCUBANK. If you do it by December 1, they will waive the enrollment fee and give you a special yearly price. What a great way to get your name in their minds all year while letting them know you really do care. Be sure to mention the blog discount when you call:

Heather Beltran

Emergency Access to Healthcare Directives
105 Forrest Avenue, Suite 200
Narberth, PA 19072


4. Dazzle them with your superior sense of humor and learn to be a better speaker!

Don't risk putting your clients to sleep during presentations and seminars. Become funnier, wittier, and warmer with Malcolm Kushner.

A trip to with Kushner, author of "The Light Touch: How to Use Humor for Business Success" and "Public Speaking for Dummies," amongst others, is a unique way to add humor and enthusiasm to your presentations and events.

His newest EBOOK is "Don't Worry, Be Funny" and is a great resource for those of you who can't tell a joke from a dead fish, but still want to be funny.

By the way, in case you are wondering, I get nothing from promoting this book other than the sheer joy of having been able to speak with Malcolm on the phone for a while. Funny fellow with a big heart.

5.Never discount the classics. A nice, handwritten card with a gift card slipped inside goes a long way. Tailoring the card to the client's personal interest shows you KNOW them and appreciate their uniqueness. Nearly every website and specialty store offers these cards, but you can also get generic gift cards from American Express, Visa and Mastercard.

6. One plus one can sometimes equal three or more: Advisors who take the time to spend time with their clients, whether at brunch, over a cup of coffee, on the golf links, or at a special event, usually find they get more referrals than they can handle. Take an interest in your clients' hobbies and recreational activities and if you happen to share one, suggest going together.

An insurance agent I know leases a hunting lodge for a couple of weeks a year for his top-tier clients who share his love of bird hunting. This somewhat expensive but effective strategy has gained him dozens of new clients in the past few years. "The memories are priceless and my clients wouldn't dream of doing business with anyone else," he says.

7. Drip, but not like a leaky faucet: Provide "drip" materials which provide value to clients, use email when you can to send useful links and neat articles you discovered "just for them." Publish an e-zine, newsletter, or booklet which gives clients empowering information and not sales pitches. Leaky faucets are annoying- but drops of advice and valuable tips are refreshing.

8. "I thought maybe your finger was broken" If I don't call my mom at least once every two weeks- she mercilessly guilt trips me. How long has it been since you called up a couple of your favorite clients with no AGENDA- just simply to say "hello?" Call a couple of them and shoot the breeze. They'll tell their friends, "My advisor just called to check in on me..."

9. Provide your clients with a lending library. Offer to loan clients books and other media which will help them ask you better questions . Most of us read financial books daily- pick out the best and make them available at no charge to clients. Educated clients will challenge you to be the best advisor you can be and are less likely to leave.

10. Hook up with qualified referrals: If a client needs something out of your realm of expertise, be sure to offer him a list of qualified professionals with whom you have a symbiotic relationship, such as CPA's, tax attorneys, even auto mechanics. Your client will be happy and you might even get a discount on your next brake job.

Click to order Malcolm's Book

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