Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tired of Having to Be A Pain in the *** To Succeed?


You are the laid-back sort of sales professional who has never felt comfortable being known as "The One-Appointment Closer". If Glengarry Glen Ross makes you squirm (and not just for the raw language, either.)...

You've been told that you have to box in your clients and do head fakes or use manipulative and deceptive language to force them to buy into your agenda...

You feel out-of-sync with your sales manager's high pressure training sessions and exhortations to "Always be closing!"..

You have ever wondered whether it was possible to be nice, caring and still make a good living...

Then you should attend Sid Walker's free preview on October 25th and learn:

Sid says:

How to have a 90% closing ratio and an abundance of
quality referrals without being pushy or controlling!

Here are the main premises of the training...

Generally speaking, there are two types of sales people, "Client-Controllers," and "Relationship-Builders."

The Client-Controllers represent the traditional approach to selling which is more aggressive, more pushy, and more controlling. Bottom line, the goal of Client-Controllers is to do whatever it takes to make a sale!

Relationship-Builders, on the other hand, are not pushy, aggressive, and controlling. In fact, they don't like conflict. They don't like making people uncomfortable. They don't like to wrestle the client. Instead, they want to connect with the client, relate with the client and help them make financial decisions that feel right to the client.

My informal research over 25+ years of coaching over 2,500 financial advisors suggests that about half of the people in financial services are Client-Controllers which means the other half are Relationship-Builders.

Most sales cultures promote the traditional Client-Controller model. There is nothing wrong with the Client-Controller approach. It works well for a large group of people.

The problem is that the Relationship-Builders don't relate to this approach. It is in conflict with their core values which causes all kinds of internal conflicts which show up as performance problems for Relationship-Builders who are usually operating way beneath their real potential.

I have developed a sales training for Relationship-Builders that shows them how to use their strengths. I teach Relationship-Builders how to use their ability connect and relate to people so they have more confidence, more fun, find the right clients, close 90% of their open cases, get an abundance of quality referrals and do it all with less stress and greater peace of mind!

In other words, I have proven beyond any doubt that you can be super low-key in your sales approach and be more effective and actually have a much higher closing ratio than the Client-Controllers.

If you are relating to what I have said so far...there is lots more.

I am doing a FREE PREVIEW of the Selling Without Wrestling Training on Thursday, 10/25/07. To sign up for the Free Preview go to:

www.SellingWithoutWrestling.com or www.SWOW.us

If you sign up for the Free Preview, there are TWO NEW FREE BONUSES. I am offering a PDF of the first 40 pages of my best selling book, How to Double Your Sales by Asking a Few More Questions and a free 1-hour Teleseminar where I was interviewed by Tessa Stowe of Australia on how to actually go about doubling your sales by asking a few more questions.

If you want more detailed information about the 4-Module Teleseminar Sales Training Series, there is complete description of the course at:

www.SellingWithoutWrestling.com/info or www.SWOW.us/info

My passion and my life's work is to help Relationship-Builders' become great successes, and to achieve success with a sense of self-fulfillment, well-being, and peace of mind. I have long said that selling financial services is the best job out there if you do it in a way that fits your values.

If something feels right about what I have said here, check of the links and get the free bonuses. You could be our next mega success story just waiting to unfold!

Thanks in advance for sharing this information with your peers.

Have a productive October,

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