Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Coming Soon: The "Stealth Advisor":Breaking the Code:Financial Advisor Secrets Revealed!

(Who is that masked man and how is he getting a 1.5% response rate?)

by Tammy de Leeuw
Financial Advisor Netzone

At the risk of being ostracized by his peers, hunted down, humiliated, and labeled a TRAITOR to his profession, "The Stealth Advisor" has agreed to lend his considerable expertise to the Financial Advisor Netzone.

Ignoring the perils and pitfalls of providing plentiful pointers and profound pontification, Stealth Advisor will answer your questions about getting the clients you want and need, marketing without pain, offering the right products, wrangling with compliance issues, and much more.

Some secrets to be revealed:

*Would ya believe the old sawing the direct response mailer in half trick?
*Secret of the magic rope (them into the seminar) trick?
*Presto chango- prospect to client without smoke and mirrors
*Sweaty palm reading made easy
*Levitate the client...experience

and Much Much More

Send your most difficult dilemma, your most cursed conundrum, even your quintessentially querulous questions to:


For those of you who don't get the e-newsletter:

I have been investigating the Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant designation and am giving it a cautious "thumbs up." As I explained in the newsletter, if your motivation in getting it is to either develop a new client niche to to better serve your existing niche- then the designation delivers.

It is NOT for everyone and is not going to be the end all do all be all to help you make more profits in your practice. It MAY, however, provide a level of differentiation to help you reach those Federal employees who are dazed and confused about the rules and requirements thrust upon them by THE MAN.

What the curriculum (which is approved for CE credits in many states, by the way) does is get you started in becoming an expert in unraveling the mysterious, obfuscated, confusing morass of lameness which is our bloated Federal government. When you complete the training, you will know more about these benefits than 98% of the other advisors out there.

You see, lots of Federal employees are going to be retiring in the next few years and even THEY don't understand how all their benefits work. ChFEBC is currently the only designation devoted solely to helping advisors get a handle on this problem.

If you are interested and want the links to download applications, agendas, etc- please drop us a line at or contact the coordinators at:1-800-696-3505. BE SURE TO TELL THEM YOU SAW IT ON THE FAN BLOG. (code FAN) in order to get your discount.

Also: You might want to contact some of the people in your area who already have the designation:

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