Monday, January 7, 2008

Webinars and Such- Don't Forget!

LAST DAY to register for Malcolm Kushner's LEADING WITH LAUGHTER webinar. The webinar is tomorrow, Tuesday, January 8th at 11AM Pacific, 1PM Central, and 2PM Eastern.

Everyone who attends will get a download of Malcolm's latest e-book, "Don't Worry, Be Funny".
Be there and be sure to wear your Groucho glasses.


Find out when San Francisco journalist and PR guru STEVEN VAN YODER
gives you a few easy methods to raise your profile in the community and attract more clients.
This Thursday, January 10th at 11 AM Pacific, 1PM Central, and 2PM Eastern.


(NOTE: This webinar is not sponsored by FAN blog, although we
highly recommend it. Please be sure to write BLOG or FAN in the "organization"
field of the application."

Mark writes:
I want to invite you to my newest free webinar, How To
Create A Free
Report That Actually Gets Read And
Motivates People To Take ACTION. It's

a one time only event on Tuesday J
January 15th from Noon to 1 pm Eastern

Standard Time.

In this live webinar I'll be sharing with you
strategies for creating a
free report that will attract and
motivate prospective clients to do
business with you.

For many businesses a big challenge is how to
get prospective clients
interested in what you offer. Unfortunately,
communicating a message
that says, "This is who I am and this is
what I do" just isn't compelling
enough to break through all the clutter and
get your prospects to pay

A far better strategy is to offer free information
that stimulates
curiosity and interest. But...developing a
Free Report that actually gets
read and motivates people to take action, isn't easy.

I'll be reviewing precisely what goes into an effective
Free Report and
I'll share with you a number of Case Examples of
reports that have
been highly effective for my clients in a
variety of businesses.

You're sure to walk away with a lot of valuable information.

There are only 100 "seats" available for the webinar
so if you want to
attend, I encourage you to sign up now by going here

One reminder, since I anticipate that this will "sell out" pretty
quickly, please only sign up if you feel confident that
your schedule will
allow you to attend the program.

Again, you can sign up here:

Thanks and I look forward to having you at the program.

January 30th Webinar with TJ Walker

Several of you have expressed to me how much you enjoy TJ Walker's "Speaking Channel" ( Now you can hear renowned speaking trainer and keynote presenter TJ WALKER LIVE.

TJ will be helping you improve your seminars and training presentations by showing you how even a number-heavy speech can be entertaining.

Register at:

(and now for something completely different...)


Canadian Pharmacies and Discount Cialis??

If you are subscribed to my e-zine (to sign up- scroll down the lefthand side of the blog and fill up the form) you need to set your spam filters to allow a NEW email: The old was co-opted by spammers who are using the address to send out advertisements for Canadian pharmacies, etc.

Be aware: The only emails you should ever get from the Financial Advisor Netzone are the e-zine, webinar notices and reminders, etc. I DO NOT send out any emails asking you to purchase anything or asking for credit card numbers, etc.

If you get an email like this, purporting to be from FAN or from "afterdarkmarketing" or "tammy" which is an advertisement, it is not from me.

One of joys of having an online presence.

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