Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Only Slott In Vegas That Actually Paid Off For Me

(editor's note: I attended an Ed Slott training program in Las Vegas on January 16. Thanks to Broker's International and Robert James for their sponsorship and support. I highly recommend them as ethical, family-run businesses with whom it is a pleasure to do business.)

by Tammy de Leeuw
Financial Advisor Netzone

Whether you like him, love him, or think he is full of baloney...Ed Slott is a hero in the financial services industry. At least he is as far as I am concerned.

Anyone, and I mean anyone, who can hold an audience spellbound for seven hours talking about TAX LAW and IRA RULES without putting them to sleep is someone special. And Slott not only had them interested and engaged, he had the audience laughing, joining in his "mantras" and asking questions.

How many middle-aged accountants do you know who have so much passion and enthusiasm for what most of us presume is about exciting as watching cement dry? Stranger still, folks were lined up to get his autograph!

After about two hours (which passed by very fast), I put together what I think are the basic reasons Ed Slott has moved from being an ordinary CPA to being a celebrity in his field.

(to be continued)

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